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Beeches Performance Ensemble

DCUK competition - 4th July

Posted on the 4th Jul 2015 in the category Announcements

Blue Devils International Clinic

Our members got to take part in a clinic instructed by DCI staff guided by members who have marched in the world champion performances by Blue Devils! It was a surreal experience for our brass, battery and frontline members. 

Percussion and frontline learnt a range of basic techniques and warm ups as well as learning some top tips from top class drummers. Brass were taught warm up techniques, involving breathing exercises, tonality exercises and various warm up music patterns. We then got to experience what it's like to play two songs alongside our talented UK guests - unreal! We played Eternal Father and When a man love's a woman, two performances which our members have watched in awe on youtube many times. 

We then all came together and did a show and tell. What a proud moment!


Our performance

After the amazing experience with BDI, it was now time for our performance. It seemed like a very long day for our marching members, but they fought through the tiredness and performed brilliantly - with a fantastic, supportive audience. After watching performances from top quality bands; Jubal, The Company, Kidsgrove, Juliana and then BDI, our excited members then found out our results. 

We came an amazing 8th out of 12th place - which was very unexpected considering we had no competing guard so it was inevitably going to be a tough competition. Again, being successful in Brass and percussion placings! 


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